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Elsbeth Buschmann was born in Limburg/Lahn, Germany. After finishing school she went to study arts in London and Paris. Her subsequent extensive Study trips took her to Scotland and Switzerland.

 Her early style of traditional painting in oil and water colours changed after a stay in Mexico where she was impressed by its contemporary art. Back in her country she spontaneously developed her present style which gives her the freedom to express her inner self.
During her three years’ stay in the U.S. she participated in art shows and received various prices. Two solo exhibitions in Limburg Lahn and Cologne, Germany followed. In 1987 she adopted a spiritual path and settled down in India, north of Dharamsala in the Himalayan mountains in order to paint and meditate in solitude to pursue her search for truth and to find out what is hidden behind the appearances. As she says: “ Nothing is as it appears. ”Her inspiring meditations form the background of her work and reflect a harmonious spiritual symbioses. In 1995 she held a Solo Exhibition at the AIFAX Galleries, New Delhi.

In the same year she received the Himalayan Kala Award on the occasion of the National Exhibition of Art , Kangra Museum, Dharamsala. In 2000 followed a Solo Exhibition at the TAG, the Art Gallery of the Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay,. From 2001 to 2002 she wrote, only to devote again her time to painting in 2003.

About her work she comments:  
"I consider my paintings a means to probe into reality underlying all things. In this endeavor ,I would like  to  give expression not to fugitive, but to the the flowing and restful elements of existence. Matter consists  of  energy and vibration. The analysis  and interpretation of  matter has  fascinated  and  preoccupied  both   physicists and yogis. Thus, the positive and negative charge of the atom has its equivalent in the duality   of Yin and Yang. Life is all about bridging those opposites and merging duality into unity to appease the affections, the intellect and the senses, thereby allowing  the  values  hidden  in  the  deeper  levels  of   consciousness to rise and reach the level of consciousness.

                  In my dialogue with the world of phenomena through meditation and painting, i strive to obtain an insight into that world that all great gurus and founders of religion have always considered to be the real and imperishable one. 

                The two elements I use mostly in my paintings are mountains and the circle or sphere. Nature is innocent. It has no mind and no intellect. We use it like a mirror to reflect our longing for peace and harmony, which are part of the inner Reality.
              The circle has no beginning and no end. It is infinite. It stands for the creative power ,also called the holy Shabd or audible life stream which reverberates through the universe and in all creation and links mankind with that great source from where it o




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