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The exhibition in ‘NAAM ART GALLERY’ exhibits paintings by Elsbeth Buschmann - watercolours and acrylics - and oil paintings by Alfred W. Hallett. Elsbeth Buschmann, is a professional painter from Germany, having studied painting in London and Paris .

She lived in many countries where she held exhibitions, especially in the USA where she received various awards. Her paintings are in private collections in Germany, USA, Scotland, India and Switzerland. In India she held solo exhibitions at AIFAX, New Delhi and TAG, the Art Gallery of the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai. She also took part in ‘The Himalayan National Exhibition of Art’ and was awarded. Read more.....

Review of Elsbeth Buschmann work By  Padmashri Keshav Malik
Art Critic


What is an artist? To whom does he address himself? And what sort of a speech is to be expected of him? Well, there is all kind of speech in the case of Elsbeth Buschmann,but one invariably of tenderness and musical intensity. Indeed the work is suffused with the spirit of the dance of the human imagination.

The artist was surely, always, a comprehensive soul, who knew the surrounding humanity by instinct, and cared for it. This, especially when she painted myriad themes, especially the votive ones, or any others.      Read more...



A.W.Hallett is a very well renowned painter from England. He studied art in London and participated in two exhibitions of the Royal Academy of Art, London which entitled him to become a Fellow of the Academy.He held various international exhibitions. He lived over 40 years at Dharamsala and became very popular in Himachal Pradesh.

Many of his paintings are owned by the government of Himachal Pradesh. A.W. Hallett held a special interest in the culture and scenery of Himachal Pradesh which are the main elements of his work. He passed away in 1986 .
The display of his paintings in ‘NAAM ART GALLERY’ are a tribute to this great painter. 



Piper of Dharmkot Painting by A.W. Hallett


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