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Gaddi Shepherds -Oil -By A.W. Hallett Gorkha   Oil By A.W. Hallett

A female deity who stands for love, protection.

Piper of Dharamkot Oil By A.W. Hallett Compassion Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
The painting depicts the allegory of an initiation.
The term ‘Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit root “jug” which means union and the word “religion” derives from the latin word ‘religare’: to re-unite. By descending from its abode of pure spirit and traversing planes of lower frequencies soul takes on covers before it incarnates into a human body which consists of mind and matter.
A competent Master Saint who is one with “Naam” / “Shabd”, the sacred sound current, reunites soul, the true Self, with this power of God, the creator of all life , and enables it to start the journey back to its origin.
This initiation is called ‘Second Birth’ in Indian scriptures and in the bible: “That which is born of the flesh (physical birth) is flesh but that which is born of the spirit is spirit.” The painting shows a lotus symbolizing the Master Saint and his essence. Soul is connected and starts to radiate.
Divine Birth Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
Heart of Man
The real “heart of man” is our true Self or Soul with its holy life-giving force of Naam. Man is not the body but in essence a spiritual entity which, like over soul, is unchangeable permanence. Without soul the body is lifeless matter.: “Dust thow are and to dust thow returneth. ” (Bible) Soul is part of the physical, astral, causal and super causal bodies. On its way back it traverses the corresponding dimensions in order to reach the purely spiritual realm from where it originates.
Heart of Man Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
Universal Love is selfless love. It embraces all creation and every human being without discriminating. We should try to transform our worldly love with its desires and attachments into this pure love which only wants to give and serve. We then live a life of inner peace and contentment. - Love is the manifestation of the creator himself.
Universal Love Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
Meera Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
Mahadeva Acrylic by Elsbeth Buscmann                                                         Mahadeva: Messenger of Light and Wisdom
Delicate Beauty Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann Hydrangea Oil By A.W. Hallett
Oriental Poppy Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann Moonsoon Flower Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann
Queen of Night Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann Spring in Dharamkot     Oil By A.W. Hallett
Harmony Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann                 View from Dharamkot    Oil By A.W. Hallett
Gaddi -Oil -By A.W. Hallett Kangra Valley water Colour by Elsbeth Buschmann
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(Size ''22x17''inch )
Reflextion-Acrylic by Elsbeth Buschmann